Metaphives foundations


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This online course is for hypnotherapists who’d love to be able to create powerful metaphors on the fly, using clues directly expressed by the clients’ subconscious mind.

So, if you’d like to add a new dimension to your therapeutic abilities, enabling you to create trance as part of any conversation, and then use it therapeutically as part of any technique, wordweaving or just on it’s own, then this course is for you.


The Metaphives system is an approach to working with metaphors that Nicolai Elberling first introduced in December 2017 at The Quest Institute’s Saturday Salon.

Benefits and outputs

You will be learning how to spot client metaphors that help create profound change. How to redirect a client’s experience of their reality, by exploring those metaphors that appear during unconscious moments and how they may be expressed.

Hypnotherapists will increase their existing knowledge of working with metaphor and how to resolve challenges that may appear when working with this approach.

Nicolai’s passion for metaphor first began when he was introduced to a short transcript of metaphor used by Milton Erickson. Nicolai then went on to study a hypnotherapist called Scott Jansen who took this passion to another level.

An excellent opportunity to gain new ideas, fresh inspiration and some new techniques and tool to enrich your work.

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Identify short trance states during conversation
  • Identify client metaphors connected to their problem and solution state
  • Create hypnosis using client metaphors
  • Utilise client metaphors for therapy
  • Test therapeutic outcome
  • Identify problem loops or paradoxes

Course content

Course content includes:

  • Spotting and exploiting unconscious moments
  • Listening for metaphors and using them for trance
  • Discord, conflicts, paradoxes and loops
  • Creating therapeutic trance for problem-solving

Introduction to using metaphors

You can watch the introduction to using metaphors, given on The Quest Institute’s Saturday Salon, December 2017:

About the course

You will experience a course packed with the core concepts of working with metaphors coupled with practical exercises, enabling you to integrate them as a natural, but powerful part of your therapy.

This includes a 1 hour long demo of the metaphives approach in action, with instructions for how to use the demo to train different aspects of the metaphives approach.

You get the chance to train your ability to:

  • spot unconscious moments
  • spot metaphors related to the client’s problem and solution state
  • match your language and metaphors to create the most effective therapy for the client


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