Metaphives, one step beyond metaphors

Changed to Saturday, June 2, 2018 –

NB: Change of date and cost!

This course will now be run as the QCHPA CPD day on June 2, 2018.

The venue will still be Regents University, and it will now be free of charge for all QCHPA members, but members only. Initially that had me worried, but after I learned that the annual membership is less than the price I had set for this course, it seems a fair offer.

So if you are not a member yet, and would love to join the course, please visit the QCHPA website and sign up there.

Imagine being able to create a rather effective and therapeutic hypnosis just using the metaphors you pick directly from the clients’ subconscious mind.

How would that affect your abilities as a hypnotherapist, and what could that ultimately mean for your clients?

Do your clients ever tell you that they are stuck, that things are hard, heavy or that they are flat on their back?

These may all be important information that can be turned back to the client creating powerful therapeutic processing, completely using the clients’ map of the world.

And if you could simply help those clients find out how to get unstuck, make things softer, lighter or just get back on their feet. Wouldn’t that be a feast?

The Metaphives training will not only teach you to create effective metaphors on the fly, but to elicit the metaphors that are directly expressed by the clients’ subconscious mind in connection with the clients’ problem and the solution they might be looking for, and then built on these.

My approach on metaphors is built on the work of Scott Jansen, an Australian hypnotherapist and with inspiration from Metaphors of Movement by Andrew Austin.

For more information on the approach, its possible applications and why it is so powerful, feel free to watch my talk from the Saturday Salon, December 2, 2017 at Quest Institute.

A one-day course reserved for Questies in using metaphors as an integrated part of our approach to hypnotherapy.

Completing this course will be able to:

Identify short trance states during conversation

Identify client metaphors connected to their problem and solution state

Create hypnosis using client metaphors

Utilise client metaphors for therapy

Test therapeutic outcome

Identify problem loops or paradoxes

The course will be run Saturday, June 2, 2018 in the lovely surroundings at Regent University.

Course content includes:

  1. Spotting and exploiting unconscious moments
  2. Listening for metaphors and using them for trance
  3. Discord, conflicts, paradoxes and loops
  4. Creating therapeutic trance for problem-solving