Development of a Tinnitus treatment programme

I’m in the process of increasing my skills and expertise in relation to Tinnitus and a possible treatment. A disposition which have sought to find a systematical and effective cure for throughout the last two thousand years, but where we at this day and age still are without one singly recognised form of treatment.

From research around Tinnitus we know today that the signals, that are sent to the brain and that relates to Tinnitus, only in very rare cases is generated in the ear. In other words, we might say that these signals are a kind of noise, which almost exclusively is generated and maintained by the brain itself.

In treatment of this, hypnotherapy has shown some positive results. Today however experts are pointing to a form of treatment called Tinnitus Retraining Therapy. I’ve had a closer look and want to integrate part of this approach with Cognitive Hypnotherapy, which I already practice.

To help me further on this path, I’m looking for a small handfull of clients suffering from Tinnitus to work with.

If you or anyone you know, would appreciate and benefit from taking part, then please sign up below to get in contact with me or send that person you think of a link to this page.

I’m offering different models for “payment”, making this a fair and advantageous offer, besides of cause the opportunity to improve or even remove the Tinnitus all together.

Best regards, Nicolai Elberling

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The work has been part of refining and cultivating myself. I feel calm and strong. I don’t use energy on doubting myself and I experience that I set my limits without hesitation now.

Being calm is a big thing. A big thing. It means that I don’t use the energy on worrying any more.

Nicolai has helped me opening up the connection to my unconscious mind. That have given me access to resources, enabling me to suddenly be able make the change myself.

Nicolai is doing what he does well. So if you are ready to work with yourself and have made the decision to change, then you may find a big gift in working with him.

Peder, 51 years, Østerbro, Copenhagen

I met Nicolai when I was on my third stress sick leave. He treated me with hypnotherapy and after three sessions I experienced the most relaxed and happy period of the last three years of my stressful life. His hypno talks had a tremendous positive effect on me.

I can highly recommend Nicolai. He has a warm and pleasant personality, a very well developed psychological insight and a highly skillful grasp of the hypnotherapeutic skills.

I will without doubts return to Nicolai whenever I encounter new adversities in my life.


If you is suffering from Tinnitus and would love to get some help relieving or maybe even help you let go of your Tinnitus all together, then  please fill in the form to the left, and I will contact you shortly,

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About me

I am a fully trained and certified as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, helping my clients by addressing issues both on the conscious and subconscious levels of the mind.

Nicolai Elberling


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