Nicolai Elberling

Nicolai Elberling


Most of what you can achieve in life is about how you relate. And not just to other people, just as much to yourself, your conscious and your subconscious mind.

I am trained and certified as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, enabling me to work with my clients, addressing issues both on the conscious and subconscious levels of the mind.

Besides a great interest in all the subjects within Cognitive Hypnotherapy, I enjoy a professional interest in a broad range of fields covering subjects related to psychology, motivation, teaching and learning, habits, self-control, leadership, organisational culture, maturity, governance, risk management and strategy.

Outside of the field of hypnotherapy, I have more than 15 years of experience working with governance, compliance, risk management and control.

Privately I’m into photography, martial arts, zen, philosophy, and most things related to improving the mind.

My clients say

I met Nicolai when I was on my third stress sick leave. He treated me with hypnotherapy and after three sessions I experienced the most relaxed and happy period of the last three years of my stressful life. His hypno talks had a tremendous positive effect on me.

I can highly recommend Nicolai. He has a warm and pleasant personality, a very well developed psychological insight and a highly skillful grasp of the hypnotherapeutic skills.

I will without doubts return to Nicolai whenever I encounter new adversities in my life.


The work has been part of refining and cultivating myself. I feel calm and strong. I don’t use energy on doubting myself and I experience that I set my limits without hesitation now.

Being calm is a big thing. A big thing. It means that I don’t use the energy on worrying any more.

Nicolai has helped me opening up the connection to my unconscious mind. That have given me access to resources, enabling me to suddenly be able make the change myself.

Nicolai is doing what he does well. So if you are ready to work with yourself and have made the decision to change, then you may find a big gift in working with him.

Peder, 51 years, Østerbro, Copenhagen

Nicolai is fantastic at listning and giving kind, clever and respectful advice and feedback on the information he receives.

He informed me thoroughly about his techniques before starting, as well as the background for these.

I had some very interesting and inspiring talks with him, including a few experiences that was somewhat out of the ordinary – in a good way. I cannot fully say what effect my few sessions with Nicolai will have, but it has surely been both positive and exiting. If I get into trouble some day – I will know whom to contact.



I have been trained at the Quest Institute by the founder of Cognitive Hypnotherapy Trevor Silvester. At the Quest Institute I have completed the Cognitive Hypnotherapy Diploma, accredited by the UK organisations NCFE and NCH. From there I’m also certified as Master Practitioner.

The NCFE is recognised as an Awarding Organisation by the qualification regulators for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

NCFE accreditation gives assurance that the diploma is of a high standard and meets the rigorous requirements of a national awarding organisation.

Quest Institue Trained

I’m a member of the Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association (QCHPA), which includes participation in their research projects and access to an extended network of professionals.

I’m in contracted supervision with a QCHPA approved supervisor.

Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy Professional Association

I’m also a member of the UK National Council of Hypnotherapy (NCH) and bound by their code of ethics.

As a member of NCH, I’m also committed to continued practice development (CPD), which means that I need to keep developing my skills and knowledge within the fields related to hypnotherapy.

National Council of Hypnotherapy (UK)